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“It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas !”
Saint Mary’s Annual Christmas Fayre began this year’s festivities with a bang last weekend.
I found myself drawn to the Church door by the sound of carols magically filling the air and coming from a Christmas Tree!
As I stepped inside, the beautiful stalls, tombolas and crafts for sale had me reaching for my money, but wait….. I needed to see everything before making my choices.
I ventured further into the church, and discovered some very busy ladies dispensing hot drinks to their chilly charges, who where gratefully seated in the front pews, warming themselves and discussing their bargain purchases.
Spurred on by their stories, I stepped through the doorway leading towards the Kitchen, where my nose was assaulted by many delicious aromas! Hot dogs I think, maybe Mulled Wine and Mince Pies (a firm favourite!) The Hall was a vibrating hub of people clearly enjoying themselves, perhaps having sampled the hot toddies?
Suddenly, a loud CRASH rendered the crowd both still and silent! All turned to look in the direction of the ear splitting sound. What disaster had occurred to ruin the fun? Relief and gales of laughter echoed around the building. It was only a group of young children playing “Knock down the Cans” on one of the stalls!
Finally, I found what I was looking for…. the cake stall. Now the money was freely spent! I barely had time to make my purchases, when a group of black clad strangers , gathered in one corner of the Hall, started calling my name!
Duty calls! As part of this special day’s entertainment, the “SingMe Merseyside” Choir were about to sing for the crowds and stall holders…… so I raced to join them all, as part of the Bass section!
I’m sure that the event was a great success. The shining eyes and happy smiles of the children just confirmed that it was a very special day!


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